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Cabernet sauvignon has been called the king of reds. It is a varietal that is usually big and bold, providing ample tannin to allow for lengthy maturation which leads to complexity. Young cab-sauvs can by overly tannic and require time to allow the tannins to soften and mellow. Cabernet sauvignon, as well as its parent variety, cabernet franc, usually benefit from some oxygenation after opening. Decanting the wine can open up the tight tannic structure, and using an over-sized glass will contribute to the oxygenation. That is why these cabernet glasses have such a large bowl (not for filling with a pint of wine). The shape is roughly the same as the classic Bordeaux glass, and indeed a Bordeaux wine is a perfect choice for serving in the cabernet glass. These are also the preferred glass for California cab drinkers, as well as all the other great producers of cab around the world, and there are plenty. If you are one of the winers that enjoys the big tannin bombs of cabernet sauvignon and franc, as well as the cab based blends like meritage and Bordeaux, then getting a set of large cab glasses is the way to go.

With a long history of producing world-class pinot noir and chardonnay, Burgundy, France, is the measuring stick against which all others are compared. These two grape varieties are exclusively grown throughout the region, with a quality and elegance that has lead to worldwide fame. Some of the most expensive wines ever produced are from this region.

  The quality of Burgundian wines is why these two varietals are so popular in so many regions around the world. The wide round bowl of the Burgundy glass provides plenty of air contact, promoting the subtleties of the aroma and bouquet to fill the glass. The inward curvature at the top contains these vapors, allowing them to accrue between sips.

If your taste is for elegant, nuanced, and complex red and white wines, you are advised to acquire Burgundy style glasses to maximize the experience of the complexity.