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Pro-Series Wine Bottle Openers

     If you are in the restaurant, wine-bar, tasting room, or wine sales business, it is important to look professional when opening bottles of wine. Having a professional-looking corkscrew is a basic starting point. The two-tiered lever-action corkscrew is your go-to crank for most bottles, but if you are opening well-aged corks, it pays to have a 'wine butler' two-pronged opener on hand in case the cork is crumbling.

     Always be sure that the knife is sharp enough to cleanly cut through the foil, the worm or screw is straight and the lever is tight, before beginning the opening process/ritual. Failing to get a clean cut through the foil leads to an unprofessional-looking tearing of the foil or torn edges can cut your finger (bleeding onto the bottle is generally considered bad etiquette). Having a bent screw will make it difficult to get a straight drive through the cork, often leading to broken corks and crumbling edges. If the lever is too loose, it is difficult to get a smooth transition when switching from the first tier lift to the second. All cranks will eventually wear down through use, but a high-quality product will usually last longer, and contribute to a professional persona. 


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